droneLIONS Academy - Training

What type of learning are you?

Auditive, visual learning type

As an auditory and visual learning type, you like to listen and read content yourself and build up your own structures. Using your own mind maps and sketches, you internalize the knowledge you have read or heard.

Communicative, motor learning type

As a communicative and motor learning type, you like to discuss content in groups and talk about what you want to learn. You immediately apply what you have learned in group exercises and role-playing games and you can explain it to the other group members via models or on the whiteboard.

I prefer to prepare myself. I work with interactive eLearning or read everything in the book and check my knowledge in the webinar and on the proof of knowledge exam day in the repetition.

  • Incl. proof of knowledge Examination

according to section 21d LuftVO

  • Incl. practical examination after EU skill test
  • Interactive eLearning for independent preparation
  • 3 webinars for repetition
  • Application, flight operations and navigation
  • Air law and airspace regulation
  • Meteorology
  • Paperback Drone Driving License Compact
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