Approval service for commercial drone flights

You fly your mission, we take care of the preparation

Let us apply for the permits for your drone ascents in an uncomplicated way. The nicopter GmbH team takes over the contact to all authorities and institutions, including the application and obtaining of permits.


Enquire now without obligation and request the approval service for Germany, Switzerland or any other EASA member state free of charge. All prices displayed are without VAT.

Example sequence of a special mission

“They receive the order to inspect a solar system on a building roof with the infrared camera near a school.”

You fly your order, we take care of the preparation:

1. Identification of facilities and contact persons

2. Obtain authorisations for relevant prohibition zones:

  • Solar system (power plant): Here a general operating ban applies 100 m above and around the limitation of energy generation systems. They require the express consent of the plant operator.
  • School (educational institution): You must inform the educational institution that a drone flight is planned.
  • Flight in the residential area: In residential areas you need the consent of the property owner or the beneficial owner (e.B. tenant).

3. Notification to the responsible department of the police / the public order office

4. Obtaining the Ascension Permit and Mission Briefing of the Assigned Persons

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